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Apple is now offering iPhone 12, 13 or SE users the option to repair their smartphone themselves by providing spare parts, tools and guides. ― Picture courtesy of Apple

SAN FRANCISCO, April 30 ― Announced last fall, Apple’s self-repair programme, including access to tools and spare parts, has now launched in the US for owners of the iPhone 12 and 13.

Called Self Service Repair, this program offers users access to tools and original spare parts to repair their smartphone themselves. This only currently concerns the most recent iPhone ranges, ie the iPhone 12, 13 and SE (3rd generation).

As part of this service, Apple provides repair manuals and original parts. It takes the form of a new online store, with more than 200 individual parts and tools, enabling customers to repair their smartphone themselves. The idea is to be able to replace the screen, the battery or the camera of your smartphone, without having to call on a professional, and above all, without having to immediately switch the handset for a new one.

To initiate the Self Service Repair process, customers must first consult the repair manual for the product in question and then go to the Store to order the necessary parts and tools. For some repairs, customers will also receive credit when they return a replaced part for recycling. Finally, Apple will also offer weekly tool rental kits for US$49.

This service should soon be rolled out to other countries. In addition, later this year, the American manufacturer plans to launch the same type of service for its latest Macs equipped with Apple silicone processors.

Apple seems to be setting a new trend here, as the world’s number one smartphone seller, Samsung, has also announced a brand new self-repair program for American owners of Galaxy S20 and S21 handsets, and Galaxy Tab S7+ tablets. Starting this summer, and based on the same model as Apple’s service, users will have access to original spare parts, as well as repair tools and intuitive repair guides. ― ETX Studio


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