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Low-flying pilot contacted

Madison Erhardt

The pilot of a low-flying plane spotted Sunday in Peachland during the World of Wheels car show may be in hot water with Transport Canada.

The small plane started some residents after it buzzed the car show and busy boardwalk.

“There were people who were concerned and worried who were walking along the boardwalk,” said Kirsten de Jager, who captured a video of the maneuver.

Transport Canada says the pilot of the plane could lose their license over the stunt or be fined.

Generally speaking Canadian Aviation Regulations require aircraft, unless taking off or landing, to stay 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle while operating over a built up area.

“The video has been brought to the attention of our Civil Aviation subject matter experts, who have reviewed the video and contacted the pilot,” said Sau Sau Liu, Transport Canada spokesperson.

“When the department receives a complaint containing enough information to identify the pilot and verify that there was a contravention of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, an administrative monetary penalty (fine) may be issued or, depending on the nature and severity of the infraction, the pilot’s license may be suspended.”

The department publishes a list of corporate offenders and non-corporate offenders on its website to serve as a deterrent and to increase public awareness and education concerning aviation safety.

“If anyone suspects that a pilot is operating an aircraft in an unsafe manner and in contravention of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, we encourage them to record as much information as possible to help the department review incidents more effectively,” says Liu.

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