Tom Pidcock Recovers from Albstadt Win by Riding 190km to the Czech Republic

Tom Pidcock makes his way to the Nove Mesto World Cup by bike as he took on a massive 190km recovery ride.

With a World Cup win in the bag and another race coming the following weekend most riders would take a few easy days to get ready for more racing, but Tom Pidcock is clearly built differently as he took on a 190km road ride from Germany to the Czech Republic the day after his victory.

Pidcock kicked off his ride 300km away from Albstadt in Schwandorf before heading to the Czech border at Liskova. Next, he continued his ride through the Czech Republic before finishing in the small village of Cerhovice. The huge recovery ride saw Pidock cover 190.2km in a time of five hours and 48 minutes with average speeds of 32.7kph.

Since arriving at Nove Mesto Pidcock hasn’t slowed down with Wednesday seeing the Olympic champion take on a 150km ride and another five hours of riding. Pidcock’s performance at Albstadt was certainly impressive and we can’t wait to see what he can do this weekend.


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