Astronaut shows what happens when you wring wet cloth in space

It’s real fun to observe astronauts in space bouncing around in zero gravity. Though we theoretically know that space does not have gravity, actually seeing zero gravity in action is amusing nonetheless. Like solids, liquids act strange in zero gravity. But it’s a bit hard to imagine how that would come to be. An astronaut … Read more

Jupiter bulked up by cannibalizing baby planets, scientists find – National

The latest news out of our solar system invokes memories of a game of Hungry Hippos. A new paper published this month in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics says that the planet Jupiter might have gotten so big in part by, in a sense, gobbling up smaller nearby planets. NASA’s Juno probe was able to … Read more

The Capstone Launch Will Kick Off NASA’s Artemis Moon Program

A toaster-sized probe will soon scope out a special orbit around the moon, the path planned for NASA’s Lunar Gateway space station. The Gateway, to be rolled out later this decade, will be a staging point for the astronauts and gear that will be traveling as part of NASA’s Artemis lunar program. The launch of … Read more

NASA successfully fuels rocket in test for upcoming missions to the Moon despite leak

NASA’s mission to return man to the Moon has taken a big step forward, following a successful fueling of its giant rocket and a countdown test. The Space Launch System (SLS) rocket test has been beset by delays, with technical and problems thwarting proposed tests in April this year, and financial problems pushing the ambitious … Read more

Researchers discover new ‘stellar systems’ of blue stars

A new class of stellar systems has been identified, they’re not quite galaxies and only exist in isolation, according to the researchers at University of Arizona. The new stellar systems contain only young, blue stars, which are distributed in an irregular pattern and seem to exist in surprising isolation from any potential parent galaxy. Also … Read more

An Astronaut Wrings Out A Wet Towel In Space. This Is What Happened Next

The clip features Mr Hadfield wringing a towel in space. New Delhi: Space and its myriad secrets have always fascinated mankind. Now, thanks to the technology, it has become easier to understand and experience several of its faces. A case in point is a video shared by astronaut Chris Hadfield of The Canadian Space Agency … Read more

NASA’s Giant SLS Rocket Is One Step Closer to Launch

NASA engineers finally tanked the massive Space Launch System rocket with fuel Monday night, getting through most of the last crucial test before its inaugural flight. After reviewing their trove of data from the test, the team will decide this summer’s launch date for the world’s most powerful missile, part of the first major mission … Read more

Researchers Think Jupiter Cannibalized a Bunch of Baby Planets

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system by a long shot, and scientists think it may have gotten that way for a very peculiar reason. A new study published this month suggests the planet’s massive gravitational pull may have pulled many nearby smaller planets into the planet’s gaseous atmosphere, essentially “eating” the other … Read more

Scientists Spot Fastest-Growing Black Hole That Engulfs Equivalent Of 1 Earth Per Second

New Delhi: A black hole which is swallowing mass equivalent to an Earth each second has been spotted by astronomers. This is the fastest-growing black hole of the last 9 billion years. The discovery has been recently made by an international team led by astronomers from the Australian National University (ANU). The black hole shines … Read more