Downplaying risks from Ottawa trucker convoy after the fact is ‘revisionist’: minister – National

Political rhetoric downplaying the serious impacts of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” on Canada’s capital and the country’s security is both “reckless” and “revisionist,” says the public safety minister. In an interview with The West Block guest host David Akin, Marco Mendicino said the public inquiry being launched into why the government invoked the Emergencies Act … Read more

Organizers say ‘Rolling Thunder’ protest ending in Ottawa

The “Rolling Thunder” rally is set to wind down today after arriving in Ottawa Friday afternoon, bringing large crowds to a downtown core where residents are still tense after the three-week-long occupation in February. A spokeswoman for Freedom Fighters Canada, one of the groups organizing the weekend-long demonstration, says a church service scheduled for 10:30 … Read more

7 arrests made after 1st night of ‘Rolling Thunder’ biker convoy in downtown Ottawa

Ottawa police made several arrests Friday night as the city braces for Saturday’s “Rolling Thunder” demonstration. The arrests took place after a small convoy attempted to make its way to Parliament Hill, police said. In a press release late Friday night, Ottawa police confirmed seven people were arrested during protests in the downtown core. Police … Read more