10 things I’ve learned about Toronto in 10 years

This week marks the 10th year I’ve been writing this column. It’s been both a pleasure and frustrating to pay so much attention to Toronto, this city I love. I’ve written about the great things in this city and the things that need to be fixed. My theory is if we don’t have reasons to … Read more

Doug Ford is taking aim at NDP strongholds. Here’s why his team thinks the strategy will work

Call it the Big Blue Collar Machine. Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives are taking aim at traditional NDP ridings in the June 2 election with a union-friendly pitch not seen from the Tories since the era of former premier Bill Davis’s Big Blue Machine in the 1970s. Ford is in the midst of a five-day blitz … Read more

What is the secret to Doug Ford’s popularity?

It was, at first glance, a typical political photo op. A grinning candidate, surrounded by admirers, shaking hands, and posing for the occasional selfie. But it was Doug Ford, and this was at a Stelco plant in Hamilton. Even in the heart of what would traditionally be an NDP country, the PC leader has plenty … Read more

String of driveway carjackings a gunpoint ‘spree,’ Toronto police say

Three Toronto had their cars stolen from them at gunpoint while standing in their own driveways during early evening hours Wednesday, leading police to seek public help in what they’re residents calling a carjacking “spree”. The unsolved robberies all occurred in the northern part of the city near Sheppard Avenue East, in a stretch from … Read more

Is the US baby formula shortage spilling over into Canada?

The ongoing baby formula shortage that has plagued the US for weeks and left parents scrambling to stock up is starting to spill over into Canada. Worries about the shortage north of the border have experts and consumers asking why Canada isn’t producing more of its own formula — and why the biggest formula producer … Read more

Tory MPP Will Bouma under fire over homophobic articles in church magazine he oversaw

Doug Ford is standing by his man. Amid calls for a Progressive Conservative MPP’s resignation over homophobic statements in a church publication he oversaw, Ford insists Will Bouma is not anti-gay. Ford defended the first-term MPP and suggested the accusations against Bouma were fabricated. “Let me tell you, anyone who knows Will — and knows … Read more

Never mind the provincial election — can Steven Del Duca win his own riding?

With the election heating up, local candidates are busy trying to prove they’re the best fit to represent constituents at Queen’s Park. But the races are tight — and all kinds of factors could swing the outcome. Today, we take a closer look at three compelling ridings, and what candidates are up against. Steven Del … Read more

Liberals reviewing Etobicoke Center candidate Noel Semple

A Liberal candidate has apologized for what he now calls a “hurtful” and “offensive” column on the gay community that included his observation “the term homophobia is being tossed around like confetti.” But Noel Semple of Etobicoke Center has escaped the fate of three other Liberal candidates fired by party leader Steven Del Duca this … Read more

Long lines at airports could get worse in coming months as staff shortage continues, strikes loom

The long wait times at major Canadian airports and on tarmacs will likely drag on for months, thanks to a shortage of workers and a training backlog. And after weeks of passengers waiting in hours-long lines, missing flights and being stranded on planes, the blame for the ongoing delays at major Canadian airports is starting … Read more

Why the new image of a supermassive black hole is an ‘extraordinary validation’ of Albert Einstein’s best-known theory

Scientists had long inferred that, at the heart of our very own Milky Way Galaxy, there lurked a voracious, invisible monster, skulking in the shadows of warped space and time, consuming all that came its way. They’d made the deduction through observations of how the stars and the galactic dust — how even the light … Read more