‘Copper, nickel, and gold’ have the best investment potential this year – Brent Cook

As we head into a ‘recapitulation’ stage for commodities, copper, nickel, and gold will be the best assets to own, said Brent Cook, Founder of Exploration Insights. “I’m very certain that the copper price is going to do well,” he said. “Demand is way going to exceed supply. Nickel is the same. … Read more

Stagflation is a ‘perfect storm’ for gold to reach new heights; This is a repeat of history – Peter Marrone

We are on the “cusp of a recession” with certain “stagflation,” breeding a “perfect storm” for gold’s price to rise, said Peter Marrone, Executive Chairman and Founder of Yamana Gold Inc. “It’s difficult for me to predict gold’s price in terms of precision and certainly timeframe,” he said, “but I go back … Read more

‘Physical gold, not crypto’ is the only safe haven asset, as the US dollar declines – John Kaiser

Gold will rise as the US dollar loses its status as the world’s reserve currency, said John Kaiser, Founder of Kaiser Research Online, at the PDAC 2022 Convention in Toronto. He mentioned that China and Russia would form an Eastern axis of economic power. “The US dollar will not be used within … Read more

What’s gold price outlook as markets shift from inflation to recession fears?

(Kitco News) Gold’s volatility has been relatively low compared to other assets as the precious metal retains its “mild bull market” status and trades comfortably between $1,800-$1,900 an ounce. But don’t expect a gold price rally until some confidence returns to the marketplace, according to MKS PAMP. There is a shift … Read more

Gold hasn’t lost its luster even as the Fed continues to raise rates – State Street’s George Milling-Stanley

Editor’s Note: With so much market volatility, stay on top of daily news! Get caught up in minutes with our speedy summary of today’s must-read news and expert opinions. Sign up here! (Kitco News) – The gold market remains in a healthy position even as the Federal Reserve looks to raise interest rates … Read more