Buyers Scramble To Lock In Long-term Contracts In Red-Hot LNG Market

The long-term LNG contract is back. Buying of liquefied natural gas in Europe and Asia are committing to long-term purchase agreements, unlike in the past few years when spot contracts gained a significant market share as customers sought flexibility in delivery clauses and lower prices than the oil-linked prices in the long-term deals. Buyers, especially … Read more

US Natural Gas Prices Fall As Colder Weather Approaches

US natural gas prices fell on Friday afternoon on the expectation that temperatures in the United States are set to cool off soon. Natural gas futures fell to $8.076/MMBtu (-2.79%) as the Global Forecast System predicted that cold weather was in store next week for the Great Plains and the Eastern United States, and the … Read more

Weekend gas prices on the rise across Canada as experts urge motorists to reduce travel

National gas prices continued their staggering rise this weekend, with drivers in Vancouver told to brace for as much as $2.34 per liter at the pumps. Figures on the fuel tracker GasBuddy showed the national average price of regular gas reached $1.95 per litre on Saturday afternoon, with provincial averages reaching $2.15 in Newfoundland and … Read more

John Horgan encouraging people ‘to think before you hop in the car’ amid record-breaking gas prices

Premier John Horgan is encouraging BC drivers to carpool, use alternative modes of transit and “think before” they drive amid record-breaking gas prices. Analysts are forecasting fuel could cost $2,339 per litre at Metro Vancouver gas stations by Sunday. Horgan says he is more worried about the inflationary impacts on things like food prices than … Read more

Ontario Gas Prices Are Set To Drop After Record Highs & Here’s Where The Savings Are

After weeks of Ontario gas prices ascending to new highs, it looks like things are finally heading in the other direction. According to Gas Wizard, prices are set to drop by 3 cents to 196.9 cents per liter for most of the province by Wednesday, keeping cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Windsor from reaching the … Read more

US Natural Gas Prices Get Caught Up In Perfect Storm

US natural gas prices have gone from cheap and range-bound to the highest in more than a decade in a matter of weeks. And they may still have higher to go as extra strong local demand combines with soaring exports to Europe. Natural gas ended last week at over $8 per million British thermal units. … Read more

Suncor reports highest quarterly dividend in company’s history as it faces demands from an investor

The Suncor Energy logo at their head office in Calgary on April 17, 2019.CHRIS WATTIE/Reuters Suncor Energy Inc. SU-T reported the highest quarterly dividend in the company’s history on Monday, a much-needed salve as it faces demands for significant, structural change from a powerful investor. Suncor’s fortunes come amid a windfall across the energy sector … Read more

‘Painful summer ahead:’ Gas prices reach 211.9 in Metro Vancouver, expected to rise

One gas analyst predicts a “painful summer ahead” for Lower Mainland residents as domestic and international factors continue to drive an increase in the cost of gas. The price at the pumps reached 211.9 per liter at many Metro Vancouver stations on Wednesday, as the European Union proposed a phased embargo on Russian oil. 1:51 … Read more

Ontario Gas Prices Are Set To Drop Tomorrow & Here’s Where It’ll Be The Cheapest

Ontario drivers are in for some much-needed relief tomorrow, with gas prices finally dropping off the dismal heights they reached earlier this week. Although to be fair, the amount is hardly worth celebrating. According to Gas Wizard, most of the province will see pump prices drop by a measly 1 cent per liter, bringing totals … Read more