Crash director Paul Haggis arrested in Italy

Paul HaggisPhoto: Andres Iglesias Rodriguez (Getty Images) Paul Haggis, the filmmaker behind 2006’s surprising Best Picture winner Crashhas been arrested in Italy on “charges of sexual assault and aggravated personal injury.” That comes from Varietywhich says a “still unidentified woman” (all we know is that she is not Italian) pressed charges against Haggis, accusing him … Read more

Weary Lightyear director tries once again to explain how real Lightyear is or isn’t

Image: Disney Lightyearthe new film from Pixar that’s set sort of in the studio’s venerable Toy Story universe, opens with a three-line text crawl that is, essentially, a Hail Mary pass to explain the movie’s whole premise: “In 1995 Andy got a toy. That toy is from his favorite movie. This is that movie.” It’s … Read more

Taika Waititi Wants His Star Wars to Focus on New Characters

Image: Gareth Cattermole (Getty Images) While Kathleen Kennedy did confirm that the Star Wars film by Taika Waititi (Thor: Love and ThunderJojo Rabbit) would be going ahead, she didn’t mention any of the storylines, characters, or even the timeline it would be set in. Now, Waititi himself has said in an interview with Total Filmthat … Read more

Lord of the Rings Anime Movie Reveals Voice Cast: Eowyn Returns

Miranda Otto as Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Image: New Line Cinema Miranda Otto, who famously played Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings series, is slated to return to the character she portrayed in the early 2000s, Deadline reports. The new anime feature, The Lord of the Rings: The … Read more

The Upcoming Hollywood Gran Turismo Movie Actually Has A Plot

Screenshot: Gran Turismo 7 Gran Turismo is a video game series entirely devoid of character. That’s not a criticism, just a fact: it wants to be a glossy car brochure, not tell a story, and it’s an approach that has served the games well over the decades. Now that Hollywood is making a Gran Turismo … Read more

Netflix Developing Tone-Deaf Squid Game Reality Show

In possibly the most tone deaf attempt at cashing in on the most wildly successful television show it has ever producedNetflix is ​​in the process of casting contestants in a live-action reality show based on Squid Game. Titled Squid Game: The Challenge, the show will feature 456 players competing for $4.56 million, making it the … Read more

Sci-Fi Comedy Brian and Charles: Director and Stars Interview

Image: Focus Features The world can be a dark and awful place. But as Brian and Charles so delightfully explores, the power of friendship can perform miracles, even when that friendship gets stormy at times—and even when that friendship is between a lonely inventor and the awkwardly bulky robot he crafts from random parts. io9 … Read more

Kojima Reassures Sony Fans He’s Still Working With PlayStation

Image: Kojima Productions Do you hear that? Out in the distance, you can hear thousands of angry fanboys continuing to fight online in the endlessly sad console war. The latest battle involves Metal Gear and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima and his independent studio deciding to do business with Microsoft and work on an Xbox-exclusive … Read more

Love and Thunder Runtime Revealed

Screenshot: Marvel Studios Somehow, a new Duke Nukem movie is on the way. And so is a new take on the Headless Horseman! Scream 6 wants to relocate to the Big Apple. Plus, those crazy kids on Riverdale fight biblical plagues, and this week’s Evil deals with a big ol’ sex demon. Spoilers, away! Duke … Read more

Give Us Your Strangest (or Funniest) Chris Pratt Fancast

Image: Marvel Studios After headlining The Tomorrow War for Amazon last year, Chris Pratt is back in theaters thanks to this weekend’s Jurassic World Dominion. We’d like to know what you think of the film, sure, but it’s also a good jumping off point for a potentially fun game involving some of the actor’s upcoming … Read more