The Mites That Live and Breed on Your Face Have Anuses, Genome Study Finds

An illustration of Demodex folliculorum. Photo: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) Scientists have finally unraveled the genetic secrets of humanity’s coziest roommates: Demodex folliculorum, also known as the skin mite. Among other things, the findings confirm that these mites actually do have anuses, contrary to previous speculation. They also indicate that the microscopic animals may not be as … Read more

Strange, Isolated Group of Polar Bears Discovered in Greenland

A Southeast Greenland polar bear on glacier, or freshwater, ice at 61 degrees north in September 2016.Photo: Thomas W. Johansen/NASA Oceans Melting Greenland Researchers have identified a previously unknown population of polar bears living in isolation Southeast Greenland. The bears hunt for seals in fjords, on freshwater ice shelves, instead of on rapidly receding sea … Read more

Repeating fast radio bursts from space are mysterious. This one is even weirder | News

It’s a distinctly human trait to believe the impossible is a puzzle waiting to be solved. We’re driven to determine if “the truth is out there.” If we just had all of the pieces, they might fit together and form the bridge to a greater understanding. The team will gather evidence and analyze data for … Read more

Polar Bears and Brown Bears Have an Ancient, Intimate Relationship, Scientists Say

A polar bear in Hudson Bay in 2007.Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP (Getty Images) Researchers have extracted DNA from a 115,000-year-old polar bear jawbone and used it to analyze the genetic relationship between these Arctic predators and their brown bear cousins ​​(grizzlies included). They found that polar bears intermixed with brown bears quite a bit over … Read more

Here’s Why Hibernation in Space May Not Be Possible For Humans After All

Sending humans virtually anywhere in space beyond the Moon pushes logistics of health, food, and psychology to limits we’re only beginning to grasp. A staple solution to these problems in science fiction is to simply put the void-travelers to bed for a while. In a sleep-like state akin to hibernation or torpor, metabolism drops, and … Read more