Simu Liu Opens Up About His Childhood Trauma

Simu was raised in China by his paternal grandparents until he was 4, until his parents brought him abruptly to Canada.

“With my grandparents, I felt completely safe. To me that’s what home is,” he said, adding that with his parents, “it was very clear to me early on that [they] wouldn’t be able to provide that environment.”

His parents’ expectations made difficult to meet. When his grades began to slip into a B, Simu says there were verbal fights and beatings.

“I remember thinking, ‘I’ve got the worst parents in the world.’ I felt so alone. Nobody could understand what I was enduring at home.”

Many years later, as he entered into acting, when he landed his first main role as Jung Kim on CBC’s Kim’s Convenience around 2017, he and his parents began to heal their past.

“We weren’t fighting, but at the same time we hadn’t collectively decided to dive back into our trauma and how we were all individually affected by it,” he said.

Simu Also opened up about the progress they’ve since made: “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found empathy as to what they were going through at the time. We’ve come so far. When we’re young, we think of parents as just monolithic, all-powerful beings that don’t change. It’s such an incredible thing watching our parents change and grow and mature in their own way.”

He also thanked his former employer for firing him.

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