Ontario Gas Prices Are Set To Drop After Record Highs & Here’s Where The Savings Are

After weeks of Ontario gas prices ascending to new highs, it looks like things are finally heading in the other direction.

According to Gas Wizard, prices are set to drop by 3 cents to 196.9 cents per liter for most of the province by Wednesday, keeping cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Windsor from reaching the dreaded $2 per liter.

The expected drop comes after residents woke up to gas prices of 199.9 cents per liter in some areas on Sunday, after an overnight hike.

Dan McTeaguegas analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, predicted the drop via Twitter on Monday, linking it to the looming threat of a global recession.

For Wednesday, the cheapest place for gas in the province is set to be Peterborough, which will see a comparatively reasonable price of 190.9 cents per liter at the pumps.

Cornwall will follow behind at 192.9 cents per litre, with Thunder Bay coming in a close third at 193.9 cents per litre.

The northern city typically offers higher gas prices than southern regions like the GTA and Niagara, with the province recently seeing a shift.

As for the most expensive place for gas this week, Sudbury is set to hold onto that title, with prices expected to be at 198.3 cents per liter after dropping by 0.3 cents on Wednesday.

Barrie is set to see prices higher than the cheapest areas but lower than some GTA cities at 195.9 cents per liter on Wednesday.

If you’re someone who has been avoiding driving to avoid paying high gas prices, you may be stuck waiting for a while, as things aren’t expected to cool down anytime soon.


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