NASA Posts Sonification Of Galaxy Cluster Abell 370

The sonification of galaxy cluster Abell 370.

The Hubble Telescope of American space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has shared a video on its official Instagram page from its data sonification project.

As part of the project, NASA transforms data on celestial bodies into hypnotic sounds. The sonification of galaxy cluster Abell 370 is the most recent in the sequence, and it has left internet users speechless.

“Several hundred galaxies reside within the core of galaxy cluster Abell 370, located approximately 4 billion light-years away from Earth. In this sonification, sound waves are generated based on the brightness and position of the cosmic objects in the image. Brighter light is converted into louder sound, and the frequency increases from the bottom to the top of the image,” NASA said in the caption.

Within two days, the post has been viewed more than 6.4 lakh times on Instagram.

“Space sounds exactly like how it looks,” a user said in comment.

“Beautiful and scary,” said second user.

“Well isn’t that just beautifully terrifying,” added another.
Astronomers observed an intriguing arc while imaging the Abell 370 galaxy cluster. The Arc was not immediately recognised — it took superior photographs to reveal that it was a previously unseen sort of astrophysical artefact of a gravitational lens, in which the lens was at the heart of an entire collection of galaxies.

Astronomers could see the distribution of normal and dark matter in galaxy clusters and the cosmos by studying Abell 370 and its images.


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