Musician ‘shocked’ to receive racial slur from child at PEI hotel

A PEI musician is spreading awareness about the hurtful impact of a racial slur used against her at a Charlottetown hotel recently.

Kierrah Titus was attending a music conference at the hotel when she said a boy who looked to be about 10-years-old called her the N-word in front of about a dozen people.

“I was shocked because it was a child. And I think it’s shocking to hear something like that come from a child because obviously, like, it comes from somewhere like the child was taught to say that from somewhere, got that from somewhere,” she said.

“So it was just, like, very disheartening and very shocking to see that this is an ongoing cycle.”

Titus reported the incident to the hotel and has since gone to social media to share her story. Her post says the parents were insensitive and didn’t take responsibility.

Although the child did eventually apologize, she said she couldn’t accept it, saying some things are unforgivable.

“I think what people can learn from me sharing this is you need to be mindful of your words. Saying hurtful and mean things are not OK, especially in 2022.”

Part of hockey tournament

Hotel staff confirmed to CBC that the child was staying at the hotel as part of a hockey tournament.

The hotel said the incident was brought to the attention of the parents and coaches involved.

Titus said she’s not seeking any further action about her complaint, but is disappointed given other racial incidents connected to hockey on PEI

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