Fanmade concept overhauls Overwatch 2 beta’s bulky scoreboard, actually lets you see the screen

The Overwatch 2 beta brought numerous quality-of-life changes to the game, though not all of them were up to players’ tastes. The new scoreboard, for instance, details stats for each player on both teams. While fans were happy with the updated look, one fan created a mock-up for a more player-friendly scoreboard that wouldn’t distract them from the overall game.

This transparent version of the scoreboard would better allow players to keep an eye on the action, akin to what the scoreboard does in the base Overwatch game. In the Overwatch 2 beta, the solid colors and giant box that make up the scoreboard restrict efficient use during respawn times since players can’t see much with it on the screen.

Fans were initially overjoyed to see a complete overhaul of the Overwatch scoreboard system, which used to prioritize a player’s personal accomplishments through medals rather than acknowledge their performance as part of a team.

However, fans were quick to note how out-of-place the scoreboard feels in the Overwatch 2 beta, looking like something akin to a MOBA title like Heroes of the Storm. The new scoreboard also mirrors everything except the eliminations, assists, and deaths on both sides, which this user fixed in their mock-up.

“I felt like the current scoreboard is way too big and solid, taking you out of the game,” tomas1352 wrote. “So, I made a rough concept of how I would like it to look.”

Players anticipating access to the Overwatch 2 beta should continue to check their emails if they previously registered. Access will also be granted by watching four hours of select Twitch streamers, though players should be sure to connect their Twitch and accounts beforehand.

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