Elias and Ezekiel appeared together on WWE Monday Night Raw

Elias made his long-awaited return tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Before he went out to the ring for his concert, they showed Elias and Ezekiel in a backstage skit talking with each other. Clearly, it was pre-taped because it’s the only way they could show the “brothers” together.

After the commercial break, Elias was about to play a song before he was interrupted by Kevin Owens. KO made it clear that he wasn’t fooled by “special effects” and “movie magic.”

Ezekiel showed up on the big screen to tell KO that they have been telling the truth. The segment ended with Elias taking out Owens after KO broke one of the guitars. Elias also nailed KO with a guitar shot over his back.

During a backstage interview, KO said that Ezekiel’s appearance on the big screen was probably pre-recorded and he was wearing a fake beard in the ring. Ezekiel then walked up to KO to accept a challenge for a match next week.

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