Cosmic conjunction: Amateur astronomers keep eyes on the sky for Jupiter-Venus meetup this weekend

WATERLOO REGION — Skywatchers are in for a treat this weekend.

As Jupiter and Venus dance across the sky in the predawn twilight of Saturday morning, the two planets will meet in conjunction, appearing to nearly collide into each other.

Due to the glare from the two brightest planets in the sky, observers will be able to see them merge into one very bright, spectacular glow.

This planetary meetup will continue to be visible on Sunday morning but the positions of the planets will be reversed.

On Friday night, the Astronomy in Kitchener-Waterloo group will meet at McLennan Park in Kitchener for a viewing party to look for other celestial bodies. In a post on Facebook, the group of amateur astronomers encourages people to show up before 9 pm to see the Terminator, the M42 nebula, the constellation Orion, Sirius — our brightest star — and the ecliptic.

Environment Canada is calling for a clear, but cool Friday night with a low of -1 C.


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