Reggie Shares Thoughts On How Nintendo Can Prepare For The Switch’s Successor

Image: Nintendo Life The Reggie Fils-Aimé book tour train just keeps on chugging away! Last week, the former president of Nintendo of America sat down with’s James Batchelor for a chat following the release of his book, Disrupting the Gameto talk about not just the book but various industry issues and the future of … Read more

Sony Expects to Be Done With PS4 Games by 2025

At the latest Sony investor presentation, Sony revealed that it plans to be done with PS4 games by 2025. Additionally, the company also explored the growth they’ve had in the PC and mobile realms, and used numbers to examine the past and predict the future of releases. In the 2019 fiscal year, almost all Sony’s … Read more

Tangle-free magnetic USB cables are here

What if your cable could magnetically stick to itself, forming a neat coil that doesn’t get all floppy and tangled in your drawers and bags? What if they were good cables, too, capable of charging and syncing all the things over USB-C, Lightning, and more? Well… you can now buy USB cables that do the … Read more

Google ‘Pixel Fold’ Delayed Yet Again as Apple Eyes 2025 for Foldable iPhone

Google is said to have delayed the launch of its first foldable smartphone yet again, due to the device reportedly failing to meet the company’s expectations. According The Elec, the company had planned to launch the device during the fourth quarter of this year, but Google has now decided to delay its release. The outlet’s … Read more

Critical New Google Chrome Security Warning For All Users, Update Now

May 26 Update below. This post was originally published on May 25 Many people equate the regular discovery, and patching, of product vulnerabilities with being a sign of bad security; I am not one of them. I have always said that I’d much rather these security flaws were picked up, be that by in-house teams, … Read more

A Major Upgrade From Reno 7 –

Oppo has recently launched the Reno 8 series in China. There are three models, the Reno 8, Reno 8 pro, and the Reno 8 pro +. Still, the company has not released when it would be available globally. This device is almost similar to the Oneus 10R except for the camera on Oppo Reno 8 … Read more