Fossilized “Dragon of Death” discovered in Argentina

In a new paper in the scientific journal Cretaceous Researchresearchers claim to have discovered the fossilized remains of a humongous pterosaur that may in fact be the largest flying vertebrate yet known. Thanatosdrakon amaru gen. et sp. nov. is a new azhdarchid found in the upper-most levels of the Plottier Formation (upper Coniacian–lower Santonian, Neuquén … Read more

NASA to Launch Craft to Unexplored Orbit for Moon Outpost

Concept art of CAPSTONE. Image: Illustration by NASA/Daniel Rutter ABSTRACT breaks down mind-bending scientific research, future tech, new discoveries, and major breakthroughs. NASA is poised to send a tiny satellite to an unexplored trajectory around the Moon that might one day serve as an orbital home to astronauts on a planned lunar space station known … Read more

Acid Oceans Could Drastically Cut Down One of The World’s Biggest Oxygen Producers

The tiny floating organisms that supply our world with as much as a fifth of its oxygen will be in dire straights as our oceans acidify, new research suggests. The creatures, called diatoms, will be deprived of the silica building blocks they need to construct their protective shells, which come in all sorts of dazzling … Read more

NASA shares one last selfie from Insight Mars lander

NASA has shared one last selfie taken by InSight Mars lander that is about to retire soon as it is losing power due to dusty solar panels. The final selfie was taken on April 24 and shows the lander completely covered in dust. “A dusty self-portrait,” NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which manages InSight, said in … Read more

Crumbling comet could create metor shower May 30

Article content A crumbling comet could create a meteor shower on May 30. Article content The ‘tau Herculids’ meteor display might be one of the most dramatic observed in over two decades, according to Meteor showers occur when dust or particles from asteroids or comets enter Earth’s atmosphere at a very high speed, the … Read more

Mary Zick and Researchers Discover Low-Cost Sponge-Like Material That Captures Carbon Dioxide Using Just Sugar and Salt

Image Credit: Wikipedia A global committee of scientists utilizes permeable, sponge-like equipment that can entangle carbon dioxide in their nooks while burning other gases like nitrogen to pass through. The substances are made from sugar and low-cost alkali metal salts to be inexpensive for large-scale deployment. They could be highly effective in restricting the environmental … Read more

Boeing capsule lands back on Earth after space shakedown

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft lands at White Sands Missile Range’s Space Harbor, Wednesday, May 25, 2022, in New Mexico. Credit: Bill Ingalls/NASA via AP Boeing’s crew taxi returned to Earth from the International Space Station on Wednesday, a repeat test flight before NASA astronauts climb aboard. It was a quick trip back: The Starliner capsule … Read more

Astronomers Discover Hidden Trove of Massive Black Holes – “We All Got Nervous”

The newly discovered massive black holes reside in dwarf galaxies, where their radiation competes with the light of abundant young stars. Credit: Original image by NASA & ESA/Hubble, artistic conception of a black hole with jet by M. Polimera Newfound black holes in dwarf galaxies shed light on the origin of our galaxy’s supermassive[{” attribute=””>black … Read more