Humans Beings Could Land On Asteroids By 2073

Scientists at NASA have elucidated a timeline of human missions to space. According to space scientists, human beings have already conquered the moon, which is also the closest celestial body to Earth. The successful mission to the Moon will now serve as a basepoint to carry out further missions to Mars, the Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, … Read more

Should Ottawa provide more money to provinces for health care now? – Poll

Photo: Contributed The prime minister has repeatedly said the best time to talk about health transfers to provinces is after the pandemic winds down, which means now, Premier John Horgan said in Saskatchewan on Friday. “Well we’re here today, the pandemic is waning, it’s becoming endemic, and it’s time now to have that conversation,” said … Read more

BC company opens Canada’s largest licensed psychedelic mushroom growing facility

BC-based company Optimi Health has harvested its first cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms at its Health Canada-licensed facilities in Princeton, BC, positioning itself as a major player in the burgeoning psychedelic sector. The $14-million venture consists of two 10,000-square-feet facilities with a combined total of 10 growing rooms that can produce approximately 2,000 kilograms of dried … Read more

How to Back Up an Apple Watch

As the Apple Watch has become more powerful, the wearable device has come to store a large amount of essential data—everything from app information to fitness data. We’ll show you how to back up your Apple Watch to protect all that information, so you can retrieve it if you ever replace your watch. Your Apple … Read more

Scientists detect new type of extremely reactive substance in the Earth’s atmosphere

A new type of extremely reactive substance, organic hydrotrioxides (ROOOH), has been detected in the Earth’s atmosphere for the first time. Scientists have stated that the substance can have effects that are still unknown. It could pose threat to human health, or even impact the global climate. Trioxides are compounds with three oxygen atoms attached … Read more

Russell Martin Announces Retirement – MLB Trade Rumors

Four-time All-Star catcher Russell Martin officially announced his retirement on his Instagram page today. Martin thanked many people who helped support him throughout his career, and is now stepping away from the game after 14 MLB seasons’ worth of “timeless memories that I will cherish forever.” A 17th-round pick for the Dodgers in the 2002 … Read more