A bloody Giannis, a chaotic final quarter, and a Celtics team facing elimination

It was never going to be an easy task to stop Giannis Antetokounmpo. Frankly, he is unstoppable – you can slow him down, at best, but his impact will always be on the floor.

Even with blood streaming down the right side of his face, the Greek Freak managed to keep his composure trailing in the dying minutes of Game 5 on the road in Boston against the Celtics, series tied 2-2, to try and find a win to bring back to Milwaukee.

Yet the sequence of a gaping wound having no interference on Antetokoumpo hitting a nothing-but-net three-pointer with less than two minutes to play to bring his team within one was the least chaotic part of the final minutes of Game 5.

Another masterclass from the Jays, Jaylen Tatum and Jayson Brown, couldn’t save the Celtics from themselves as they fumbled away a lay-up win, leading with less than two minutes to play until they let the pressure get into them.

Composure was the key in the win – something the Bucks had, and the Celtics clearly did not. Turnovers from loss of control on the boards, bad decisions driving the net and panicking led to the Bucks outscoring Boston 11-2 and taking the game 110-107.

As the Celtics had a chance to stay in the game, Marcus Smart drove to the basket on what some may call a questionable choice, losing the ball in the shooting process and ultimately giving the ball back to the Bucks.

The Defensive Player of the Year got a taste of his own medicine when Jrue Holiday made a brilliant defensive play to grab the ball and bounce it off of Smart and out of bounds, knowing the Celtics would once again have to take the Bucks to the free throw line to try and get the ball back.

When they did, another mistake by Smart, whose plays in the final minute did not reflect his surname, lost control and all but sealed the loss for Boston who now must win two-straight including traveling on the road before a potential Game 7 at TD Garden.

For a team who has a bright future with Tatum and Brown at the forefront, veteran leadership with Horford back in the green and white, and a defensive skill in the form of Smart and a currently injured Rob Williams, Boston can’t ever seem to stop the implosion when it happens in front of them in slow motion.

60 combined points from Tatum and Brown couldn’t carry the load of a team that showed impatience and concern in the final minutes of a must-win home game, a feeling they know all too well.

A 40-point night for Antetokoumnpo is light work, on top of 11 rebounds, but Bobby Portis’ double-double of 14 points and 15 rebounds showed just how much hustle putting the Bucks into the game even when the scoreboard didn’t favor their work ethic.

Antetokoumnpo is inevitable, but it was Holiday and Portis, whose put-back lay-up was reminiscent of the Vince Carter “It’s Over” when it happened, that stole the final seconds and potential Eastern Conference Finals hope from the Celtics.

Of course, a team that just won the Larry O’Brien last season would know how to win games, but in the absence of Khris Middleton, the inability to slow Tatum down and the Celtics’ league-best defense this would be the hardest challenge to date for Milwaukee.

Yet in those final moments, Milwaukee figured out exactly how to tear that defends apart piece-by-piece, how to get under their skin and force mistakes, how to exploit the players who had been hiding in an offensive scheme that relies on two players and how to ultimately win a determining Game 5.

Heading back to Milwaukee, the Bucks have all the tools they need in order to reach another conference final.

They just need to keep that composure for one more night.

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