Endgame Has Devastating Origin (Theory)

Captain Marvel is on her way to a massive comeback within the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Marvels, which will debut in theaters next July. Although this will be her second Phase 4 appearance after 2021’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsit will be her first leading role since she teamed up with … Read more

Cost of living concerns must be balanced with fiscal restraint, Chrystia Freeland says

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says she must strike a balance between helping Canadians suffering from the effects of inflation and pursue a policy of fiscal restraint — or risk making the cost of living problem worse. In an interview airing Sunday on Rosemary Barton LiveFreeland, who also serves as deputy prime minister, said she was … Read more

Sage Hill residents fight ‘alarming’ association fee collection – Calgary

Homeowners in the northwest Calgary community of Sage Hill are fighting back after they found letters taped to their demanding doors hundreds of dollars in association and legal fees. “I feel like it was uncalled for,” Sage Hill resident Nicole MacCallum said. “To be threatened, to be taken to court and lose your home, people … Read more

Xiaomi 12 Ultra: Packaging leak indicates Xiaomi 12S Ultra name change as preparations for ‘new era’ launch event appear online

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NASA Psyche asteroid mission suffers massive setback

NASA put Psyche asteroid mission on hold Friday, blaming the late delivery of its own navigation software. NASA put Psyche asteroid mission on hold Friday, blaming the late delivery of its own navigation software. The Psyche mission to a strange metal asteroid of the same name was supposed to launch this September or October. But … Read more

Spotify is testing ‘Community’ to let you see your friends’ real-time activity on mobile

What you need to know Spotify is testing a new section on its mobile app where you’ll be able to see what your Facebook friends are currently listening to. “Community” is the mobile version of Spotify’s long-time desktop feature called Friend Activity. The testing is currently accessible only via the Safari browser on iOS. Spotify … Read more